Daniel Wellington【Daniel Wellington/丹尼爾惠靈頓】31種款 / 快來了解首款手錶及網格錶帶

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* Reading * Shopping Guide 1 Seller 2018/05/09
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Korea Customs Standard Seller 2016/10/10
製造廠商/原產地 商品狀態 新商品
出發國家 海外 (日本)
付款方法 信用卡 (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal, Q帳戶現金
A/S 信息 請聯繫A/S 中心或製造社或賣家
退貨/退換 需親自退貨至賣家地址。(請參考商品詳情,通知或注意事項)
JAN代碼 7350068240393
商品簡介 【Daniel Wellington/丹尼爾惠靈頓】27種款式 / / 快來了解首款手錶及網格錶帶
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    * Reading * Shopping Guide 1

    * Reading * Shopping Guide 1

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    This shop is only available in English shop at Japanese shop.
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    - Customs duties and restricted goods at customs clearance Customs duty / quarantine non / etc that occurs at the time of customs clearance on the side of the arrival country n
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    * Reading * Shopping Guide 2

    * Reading * Shopping Guide 2
    1. Overseas delivery This shop does not carry overseas direct overseas, Qoo10 offers
    We use Qxpress overseas delivery consignment service.

    * Since it is a shipped item from overseas, it takes about 4 to 9 days (excluding weekends and public holidays) from order to shipping.
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    Please contact us directly at the Qxpress shipping company side for smooth communication when problems such as overseas delivery process occur.


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    About the shipping fee set (or displayed on the image) within this shop FREE conditions of shipping cost in Japan apply when condition is described in the form of free shipping or free shipping fee.
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    Korea Customs Standard

    If the commodity price is $ 150 (excluding shipping) when the goods are imported from Japan under the Korean Customs Code
    Duties may be incurred. In the event of customs duties, the purchaser must pay the goods directly after payment
    Please note that if the goods are returned as a refusal to pay the customs duties, refund will be made after excluding shipping charges from Japan to Korea.

    The details of the customs levy and the billing fee are difficult to find in our shop.
    If you are unclear about the standard, or if you need detailed confirmation, please contact the buyer directly
    We recommend that you make a purchase decision after thorough review.

    Please note that even though our purchases are less than $ 150
    At the same time, orders placed at other sites or other merchant shops within Qoo10
    It is said that the customs tax may be incurred because it becomes the subject of the sum taxation in the same period.
    If you do not want to pay taxes, I recommend you to repeat purchases with sufficient time.

    Thank you for your reference.